It's Music Monday a National Event for Music Education

Every Monday we try to post information about a music publication, recording or resource. Today is a Canadian national event to celebrate music education led by the Coalition for Music Education. Educators, students and music makers hold concerts at noon across the country and you can check out a map of events in your area

Often we think of music education only during some key moments in students lives, generally when students are in band. Learning is a lifetime endeavour and we encourage you to seek out music opportunities. If you are an adult you can pick up an instrument now! In Saskatoon there are a number of bands for you to perform with at all levels Saskatoon Community Bands, Saskatoon Concert Band, Saskatoon Serenade just to name a few. For string players and winds and percussion there is the Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra and if you are interested in fiddle there is a Fiddle Camp for you. Brass players have not one but two adult Brass Bands in Saskatoon and a youth brass band as well. 

These are just a few opportunities in Saskatoon but there are so many ways to get involved such as choirs, volunteer or going to a live music performance. There are community groups all over the country and music educators to help music and learning doesn't have to stop after high school. Music is a conversation between the musician and the audience so please take a moment and join that conversation!

If we missed a community group or resource that you would like to share please leave a link in the comments!