Concert In The Phillip T. Young Recital Hall in Victoria

While adventuring in British Columbia we will be performing at several venues including the Phillip T. Young Recital hall located in the music building at the University of Victoria. This is where Kevin earned both his Bachelor and Master of Music. 

Included will be performances of Dialogues by Shelley Marwood, Cadenzas by Alexina Louie and others! Please join us at 8:00 on June 19th.

If you aren't in Victoria don't forget that we will be at the Murray Adaskin Salon at the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver on June 21st at 8:00 and at Langley Community Music School on June 15th at 7:30. We look forward to sharing this wonderful music with you!


Supporting Musicians and Other Artists

So many times when we hear the phrase "support your local...." we think of monetary support and that support being a one way transaction. Yes, money is a wonderful and greatly appreciated way to support musicians and artists but not the only way. I am not suggesting that you ask artists to do their work for "Exposure" as I hear you can die from exposure.  

Go to Events!

This seems like a no brainer. Musicians get the money from concerts but they also get the statistics! Funding agencies and supporters like to see that the musician has well attended and successful concerts. Not only are you supporting the musician today but helping them in the future. If money is tight there are ways you can snag some free tickets and I'll get into that a little later. I know I know, you just got home and put on your pajamas and would like to just stay home, you'll catch the next one. I promise you will get more out of a live performance than you can get from a recording.


Help spread the word of the activities of musicians. Share their concerts online, in the break room at work and with your friends. Make a point to bring friends and family to events. Offer to take a poster or two for an upcoming concert. You spreading the word carries a lot of weight with your friends.


Here's where you can easily score free tickets to events, just by giving a little time. Offer to take posters to a section of the city to promote an upcoming concert. Take tickets/usher at the event, many events need people to help take money, help people to their seats and hand out programs. If you are interested in lessons you can also trade your service for theirs, just remember that they are professionals at what they do and try to trade something of equal value.


If you are part of a church or organization with an appropriate venue offer to host an event. You might even be able to have a House Party. You can invite the musicians to perform in your home. $10 at the door or tickets online is a great way to have your friends catch up in a very unique experience. 


If you are an artist yourself see if there is a way you can pool your resources. More often than not artists are excited to collaborate. You both benefit from this experience by gaining a new audience. If you are a teacher or part of a community organization you can apply to have an artist in residence! Amazing right? Check out the links for the Saskatchewan Arts Board Grants for Artists in Schools and Artists in Communities. Check into your Arts Board and see if there is a similar program for your area. 


Don't like any of these options? Talk to your artist, find out what they would like or how you can help. Talking to your local, provincial and national government about how much you value the arts goes a long way. Tell your arts board what you value. Tell your friends and family what you value. Tell your artist that you value the work they do. 

If I've missed anything or if you have something to add please post in the comments.


It's Music Monday a National Event for Music Education

Every Monday we try to post information about a music publication, recording or resource. Today is a Canadian national event to celebrate music education led by the Coalition for Music Education. Educators, students and music makers hold concerts at noon across the country and you can check out a map of events in your area

Often we think of music education only during some key moments in students lives, generally when students are in band. Learning is a lifetime endeavour and we encourage you to seek out music opportunities. If you are an adult you can pick up an instrument now! In Saskatoon there are a number of bands for you to perform with at all levels Saskatoon Community Bands, Saskatoon Concert Band, Saskatoon Serenade just to name a few. For string players and winds and percussion there is the Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra and if you are interested in fiddle there is a Fiddle Camp for you. Brass players have not one but two adult Brass Bands in Saskatoon and a youth brass band as well. 

These are just a few opportunities in Saskatoon but there are so many ways to get involved such as choirs, volunteer or going to a live music performance. There are community groups all over the country and music educators to help music and learning doesn't have to stop after high school. Music is a conversation between the musician and the audience so please take a moment and join that conversation!

If we missed a community group or resource that you would like to share please leave a link in the comments!


Marimba #MusicMonday


This #musicmonday listening recommendation is one of Kevin's favourite recordings. Le Recontre by Anne-Julie Caron features composers such as Astor Piazzolla, Keiko Abe and Oleksa Lozowchuk. You can check out short snippets of the recording on Anne-Julie Caron's website and purchase if you like it (Which of course you will like it). You can also check it out from your library and for those of you in Saskatchewan here's how you can find it: Saskatoon Library

#MusicMonday David Kaplan


Musicians in Saskatchewan will know David L. Kaplan very well. He was an influential figure at the University of Saskatchewan for many years and helped shape the musical community to what it is today. This #musicmonday I'm recommending the autobiography Kaplan: The Well-Tempered Klezmerer written by David L. Kaplan and Darlene Polachic. If you're in Saskatchewan you can get it from the library, check out the link here.

 At our May 16th concert at St. Andrew's Church in Saskatoon Melissa will perform Prayer and Dance for solo clarinet so be sure to check that out!