Banff Arts Centre III

While here we have witnessed many performances of new works, when I say new I mean they were created just a few days ago. The atmosphere here is one of support and admiration for each other. Everyone has something to offer and unique experiences. With that said there are some experiences that are universal for all artists, including the challenges of being a musician. We are privileged to take part in workshops for grant writing, performance anxiety, and ways to deal with being too critical of yourself. 

Banff Arts Centre II

There are so many great things to take part in that we are having to pick and choose what we do. There are concerts, galleries, a wonderful library, and all kinds of outdoor activities to try out. The weather has been wonderful so far and the fresh coat of snow has made everything look clean and crisp. 

It may be a challenge to fit everything in that we want to do but we are definitely up for it!

Banff Centre for the Arts

I started a few posts with writing a play by play of everything we were up to but then thought better of it. I don't think we need to tell everyone what we had for breakfast. Although the food is amazing and if you would like to hear about it I can certainly share that with you.

What we would like to tell you is how wonderful it is to be here. It is inspiring being surrounded by nature, mountains, and musicians from around the world. We are being supported by the staff here not only giving us use of all their percussion equipment but also a space to work, and the time and opportunity to perform. 

This is a spectactular place to be and we already feel that it is making a difference for us.